Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah (The Three Fundamental Principle)

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah (The Three Fundamental Principles) by al Imaam Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab (may Allah have mercy on him)

The explanation of our beloved Shaykh Saleh al Fawzaan al Fawzaan

Taught by Abu Isma’eel Mustafa George DeBerry

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah   Class_01

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah  Class_02

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah  Class_03

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_04

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah  Class_05

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_06

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah  Class_07

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_08

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_09

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_10

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_11

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_12

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_13

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_14

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_15

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_16

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_17

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_18

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_19

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_20

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_21

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_22

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_23

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_24

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_25

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_26

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_27

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_28

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_29

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_30

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_31

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_32

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah Class_33


  1. assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    Baark Allaahu Feek, by the permission of Allaah I have been benefiting from these recorded classes Alhamdulillah.

    Just a question, I’m not sure if this is a mistake in the audio or if there is a difference in narrations; but in the audio for Class 28 ( at around 25:49) you mention how the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam and Khadija radi Allaahu anha went to Waraqa bin Nawfal. In the audio you mention Waraqa was the uncle of Khadija radi Allaahu anha, but in the sharh of shaykh saalih bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan he mentions that Waraqah is the cousin of Khadijah radi Allaahu anha.

    Jazaak Allaahu Khairan.

    • wa salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
      Wa feek BarakaaAllah.

      Naam, sorry that’s a slip of the tongue he was the cousin of Khadija radhiallahu anha.

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