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Seeking Knowledge in Our Time and Before Us

Sheikh Muhammad bin Hadee al Mudkhalee (may Allah preserve him) mentioned:

Questions: What is the reason why students and teachers of today are different from the scholars of the past, even though many of the present teachers have sat in lessons of the scholars, but you find that years pass and their knowledge is still weak, what is the reason for this?

The Sheikh replied:

According to my diligence in seeking the answer, and based on my observation – even thought I consider myself to be very deficient- the reasons are encompassed in 4 matters:

  1. The difference in the manner we presently seek knowledge, and its contradiction to the methodology of the early scholars.
  2. Becoming bored and uninterested; which affects a student during his studies, and thus it is possible he totally abandons seeking knowledge, or he becomes weak in doing so.
  3. One’s preference for comfort and ease in seeking knowledge and obtaining it.
  4. Allah knows best about this particular matter, and its affair is with Him; because it is a matter of the heart: The difference in the intention of seeking knowledge of the previous scholars and the present teachers and students, except for those whom Allah has mercy upon.

Source: Lecture titled: Seeking Knowledge in Our Time and Before Us

By Sheikh Muhammad bin Hadee al Mudkhalee (may Allah preserve him)

Mustafa George DeBerry

Riyadh, K.S.A

Safar 8, 1435|Dec. 11,2013

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