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Ramadan vs. Watching the World Cup

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ramadan vs. Watching the World Cup

By: Shaikh Saleh bin Fowzan al Fowzan (حفظه الله تعالى)


Is there any advice for the youth (and from them are students of knowledge), who are following the World Cup matches during the latter part of the night? (Keeping in mind) In Ramadan, the matches will be held during Isha prayer and during the night prayer (Taraweeh).


It is mandatory upon the Muslims to abandon jest and play, and they should engage in the worship of Allah The Mighty and High. They should not waste their time following the matches or other matters of jest and play, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan. It is mandatory upon the Muslims generally, and more specifically the youth because some of them are heavily engrossed in following the matches and watching them, and there is no benefit in doing this. Rather, there is harm present in this action due to it being a waste of time. How can an individual waste his precious time and waste this tremendous opportunity; which is Ramadan, by following matches?! This is a great loss which cannot be regained. Consequently, it is upon them to forgo this action and engage in the worship of Allah, especially in the month of Ramadan. (The Muslim) should take advantage of his valuable time and spend it in obedience to Allah, (spend it) standing in prayer for Allah and conducting the night prayer. This is what we have been ordered, and this is what remains for the individual, and he will find it (the reward) with Allah The Mighty and High.

Mustafa George DeBerry

2nd Ramadan, 1435H. | June 30, 2014


The Questions Today Were Asked To Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan Hafidullaah

Questions Asked to The Scholars This Week

The questions today were asked to Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan Hafidullaah
August 2, 2006 / Rajab 8, 1427
1. How do we respond to a person that says:
If ascribing oneself to salafiyah is correct because you are ascribing yourself to the early generation of Muslims, then the same goes for ascribing yourself to Jama’tul Tableegh because you are ascribing yourself to da’wah (Islamic Propagation) and Allah has ordered us to give da’wah in the Quran.
Sheikh: Jama’tul Tableegh are deviant. Their call is deviant. They don’t call to the correct Islam. They mix between what is correct and what is incorrect. This is deviation and incorrect.

2. What is the ruling on Muslim men wearing ties?
Sheikh: This is not permissible. This is imitation of those who wear the cross. It is not permissible.

3. Is the holding of a waleemah (marriage party) obligatory? If a person do not do so and has been married for 4 years, can he merely pay his wife some money to make up for not having the waleemah?
Sheikh: The waleemah is sunnah, it is not obligatory.

Aug 5, 2006 / Rajab 11, 1427

1. In America, if a disbeliever comes to a masjid and seeks funds, should we give them if we doubt them using this money for drugs or the likes?

Answer: Give him/her charity such as clothing or something permissible to eat, but don’t give him/her money if you have a strong doubt about them spending it on drugs or the likes.

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

2. Is it permissible for a man to buy children films for his child while knowing that these films have music and singing? The excuse that the father gives is that this is something educational for his child.

Answer: If there is present in these films that which causes harm to the children (in their religion), then this is not permissible.
The Messenger (sallahu alayhee wa sallam) said: “All of you are shepherds, and all will be asked about his flock”

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

3. Is it allowed for a married couple to watch pornography films together for the purpose of learning how to sexually please one another?

Answer: This is not allowed. These are evil pictures. No this is not allowed.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

4. During buying and selling transactions, is it permissible for a man
to look at a woman’s face?

Answer: There is no need for him to look at her face. His desire is to buy or sell, not the woman’s face.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

August 7, 2006 / Rajab 13, 1427

1. If a child reaches the age of 5, and his father has still not slaughtered for him/her(al-Aqeeqah), is it legislated for him (the father) to slaughter at such an age?

Answer: Yes, he (the father) should slaughter even if it be after a long
period of time. Even if the father dies, it is still upon him and the money for it should be taken from his wealth left behind.
(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

2. What is the proof that Qunoot is in the hands of the Muslim rulers?

Answer: What is the role of the ruler?

Questioner: To administer the affairs of his country and people.

Answer: The answers that you are looking for can be found in Ibn
Taymiyyah’s book: As Siyasah Ash Share’yah (Legislated Politics)
(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

3. Is it allowed for the parent to beat his/her child? The reason for
the question is because we have heard that this is something not allowed.

Answer: You know that raising a child is a great responsibility. It is
upon the parent to use in raising his/her child means that bring the
children closer, not ways and means that push them further away.
(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

Aug. 8, 2006 / Rajab 14, 1427

1. If a man intends to take on a second wife, does he have to tell his
first wife his intention?

Answer: He can tell her. There is nothing wrong in this.

Questioner: But is it obligatory for him to tell her before he does so?

Sheikh: He can tell her before, or after. Both are permissible, but he should tell her before so that she doesn’t become suspicious of his actions when he is away.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

2. If a man intends on marrying a second wife, but he has pending debts, is it obligatory for him to pay his debts before he gets married a second time?

Answer: This returns to the owner of the debt. If they allow the person to delay paying the debt until a later time so that they can get married, there is no problem with this.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

3. Is it permissible for the Muslims to supplicate for the victory of
Hezbullah over Israel?

Answer: It is permissible for the Muslims to supplicate against Israel
in general. We also supplicate that Allah supports Ahlus Sunnah against Israel and every other enemy.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

4. What is your opinion about Muhammed bin Saleh al Munajjid?

Answer: From what has come to me, he is close to the way of the Ikwan al Muslimeen.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

Mustafa George
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates

The Following Questions Were Asked To Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan

Questions asked to the Scholars this Week The following questions were asked to Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan July 5th / Jamadu thani 9 1427)

1. How does and man with more than one wife divide his day? Does the wife’s time begin at fajr or when?

Sheikh Fawzaan: He stays with her at night. He goes to work in the day and stays with her at night. Questioner: Does that mean her time begins at magrib time? Sheikh Fawzaan: Yes.

2. Is it permissible for the poor Muslims of America and other western countries to seek financial assistance from their governments?

Sheikh Fawzaan: Yes, as long as the money is halaal.

3. Most masaajid in America are funded by the Muslim community itself, with this being the case, is it permissible for the administration of the masjid to seek funds for the expenses of the masjid from the community? Can this be done in the masjid after the five daily prayers?

Sheikh Fawzaan: Yes, this can be done for the expenses of the masjid.

4. If a female enters into Islam in a western country and she has no Muslim male relative, if there is no Muslim community near her or if there is no community that is upon the correct methodology near her, can she move to a different community traveling without a mahram?

Sheikh Fowzan: She should travel with a non-Muslim male mahram.

5. We have heard that some scholars or students of knowledge have said it is permissible for a female to travel on a plane without a mahram if her mahram accompanies her to the airport and another mahram meets her in her place of destination, is this correct?

Sheikh Fowzan: (They say that) but the Messenger (sallahu alayhi wa salem) said: ((No believing female travels without a mahram!!)) Whoever says other than this is mistaken and incorrect.

6. If a person seeks knowledge on the internet by listening to live lessons, can this person be considered a student on knowledge?

Sheikh Fowzan: No, he/she is not a student of knowledge

These questions were posed to Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan July 8, 2006 / Jamadul al Akhir 12, 1427)

1. If a man fornicates with a female, the female later has children for him then they both become Muslim and marry, do the children now become his rightful children? Or are they still considered children of the bed?

Sheikh Fowzan: He can not marry her until he makes tawbah and until she waits the prescribed time (three months). Only then can he marry her and the children are still not considered his. They take her family name not his. Questioner: If this brother then chooses to marry another wife, does his second wife have to cover in front of the boys he had before marriage (children of the bed)? Sheikh Fowzan: Yes she does

2. Is it correct that so many books are translated into other languages?The reason for the question is that today, we find so many books being translated and this hinders people from taking time to learn arabic. What is your opinion in this regard?

Sheikh Fowzan: If a person has the ability, they must learn Arabic. It is the language of the Quran, they must learn it if they have the ability. If a person doesn’t have the ability to learn Arabic, there is no problem in reading translated books.

3. If a poor man has more than one wife and he is not able to pay rent for two apartments, is it permissible for him to join two wives in one apartment?

Sheikh Fowzan: If the wives agree to this. Questioner: And if they don’t? Sheikh Fowzan: Then it is not permissible for him to do so.

The following questions were asked to Sheikh Abdullah Al Ghudayan rahimahullaah

1. If a Muslim has a debt with another Muslim and that individual dies (the one who the debt should be paid to), what should the ower of the debt do with the money? Sheikh Ghudayan: How much is the debt? Questioner: around $700 Sheikh Ghudayan: They should spend it in the way of Allah. They should put it toward the building of a masjid. What is important is that they use it in the way of Allah.

2. If a person obtains a job in a specific field based on him having a degree, but the degree was purchased and he never studied in the university, is his salary halaal and what should he do? Sheikh Ghudayan: (He said something i couldn’t understand) then he said, how could this be when the Messenger (sallahu alaihi wa salem) said: ((Whoever cheats us is not from us!!)) Just imagine if a person married you his daughter and told you she was a virgin, then you find out after 5yrs she was married five times before you! How would you feel?!! This is not permissible. And he won’t do the work correctly either.

3. A man works in a factory and he has certainty that this factory produces goods that are sold to beer companies, is it permissible for him to work for this factory? Sh. Ghudayan: No it isn’t. Then the sheikh asked where I was calling from. This is something that makes the questioner happy that the sheikh has interest in those whom he speaks with. May Allah bless our scholars.

July 9, 2006 / Jamadul Thani 13, 1427 1.

A Muslim owns a store, and hires a non-Muslim to work there. Is it permissible for the store to be open during the time of Jum’aa prayer, while the Muslim owner attends the prayer? Answer: The store should be closed ( during Jum’aa prayer) to show the kufaar the sacredness of our religion and this day. (Sheikh Ahmed An Najmee)

2. In the west, the Muslim women where the color black, but this color attracts attention to her. Is it permissible for her to wear dark colors like dark blue or dark brown? Answer: Does wearing black bring harm to her? Questioner: It may not exactly bring harm, but people look at her and think she’s crazy because she’s wearing black. The Sheikh: If there’s no harm brought to her, she should wear black and the kufaar in those countries should learn that this is the dress of a Muslim female.

(Sheikh Ahmed An Najmee) July 18 & 19, 2006 /Jamadul Thani 22 &23, 1427 3.

If a man divorces his wife and she has his child which is still breastfeeding, does he continue to support her and the child, or just the child (diapers, clothes, etc)? Answer: He continues to support her and the child because of the ayat in surah Talaq, ayat 6. Also, breastfeeding is not obligatory on her, so if she breastfeeds, he has to give her expenses and she spends it on herself. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Ghudayan)

4. Some women leave their homes with long abayas without wearing socks. When something is said to them in this regard, they inform that the abaya is long so there is no need to cover their feet with socks. What is your opinion? Answer: This is not permissible. They must wear socks. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Ghudayan) Note: The same question was asked to Sheikh Ahmed An Najmee , They hold the opinion that if the abaya is long enough, then this is sufficient.

5. Some women wear an abaya or jilbab that has sleeves that are somewhat tight around there arms. Is this permissible? Answer: This is not permissible. (Muftee of Saudi Arabia) .

6. If a man combs his beard and hair falls out, is there any sin on him? Answer: No sin falls on him.

Muftee of Saudi Arabia) July 24, 2006 / Jamadul Thani 28, 1427 7.

If a man marries a women without the presence of the two witnesses, what is upon them?

Answer: They have to repeat the marriage and inshAllah, there is no sin on them. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel) ( last living student of Sheikh Abdur Rahman As S’adee)

8. When a man wants to divorce his wife, does he have to have two witnesses present, or is it ok for him to divorce her, and then call the witnesses and inform them of what he has done?

Answer: It’s ok for him to call them and inform them of the divorce. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

9. A Muslim has a debt to a non-Muslim, before paying the debt, the non-Muslim dies, what shoud the Muslim do with the money? Answer: They should give the money to the government, or spend it in charity. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

10. Is it ok to place pictures on the walls of my home. These pictures are not images of things with a soul (trees, flowers, etc)? Answer: This falls into another form of haraam and that is wasting money for no benefit. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Ghudayan) .

11. If a Muslim migrates from America to another land, can he be considered a muhaajir (migrater) by holding an iqamah (residence permit), or does he need to receive the nationality of that country before he is considered muhaajir? (From what the Sheikh said) A general answer can not be given for this question. The situation of the person has to be studied and looked into. The situation of the country he is migrating from. Many affairs have to be studied before answering such a question. (Sheikh Abdullah Al Ghudayan)

We ask Allah to preserve our scholars that are still present and to have mercy on those who have passed away. Ameen.

Mustafa George. Ruwais, United Arab Emirates

Questions Asked to Sheikh Saleh Al Fawzaan This Week

Questions Asked to Sheikh Saleh Al Fawzaan This Week

July 31, 2006 / Rajab 6, 1427
1. If a person migrates from the land of disbelief to the land of Islam but his first intention for migration was not sincerely for Allah, after reaching the land of Islam he corrects his intention for migration, is this sufficient?
Sheikh: Yes, this is correct and good that he changes his intention and that’s sufficient .
2. How does one pray salaat Al witr?
Sheikh: Salaat Al Witr is one raka’a. A person prays before it two units (raka’a) of prayer, they make tasleem, stand and pray one more unit.
3. What is the distance of travel where a female must have a mahram?
Sheikh: 80 kilometers .
4. How does a muslim deal with newpapers and magazines that have pictures. Do we read them in the day and then throw them out at night, or what?
Sheikh: They can stay in the home, but they should be placed in low places. They should not be keep in high respected areas. They should be keep in low, covered areas.

Mustafa George DeBerry.
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates

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