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Reasons Why I Spoke Against Al Hujjah Pubs NYC

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Reasons Why I Spoke Against Al Hujjah Pubs NYC

My reasons for not supporting Al Hujjah publications (NYC) and speaking against them can be summarized in the following points:

  • He (Tawheed – the owner of Al Hujjah Pubs) recently mentioned my name and the name of Shaikh ‘Ubaid al Jabiree (حفظه الله) in a video to promote his organization, but he is well aware that I have had no cooperation with the organization for over 6 years. I personally feel the video is misleading because it gives the impression that he is still in contact with me as it relates to da’wah activities, and this is not the case.

I ask the brother: By Allah, have you consulted me or Shaikh ‘Ubaid in any da’wah affair in the past 6 years?

So why would he seek to promote his organization by mentioning my name and the name of our beloved Shaikh ‘Ubaid? This can be considered a form of deception.

In my opinion, from sincerity to the public is that you inform them of your current relationship to students and scholars. It’s not so important how you started, but where are you presently? Which students and scholars do you presently contact for advice, help and direction? This is what is important, sincerity to readers, and this is where I feel the brother deceived the people.

About 6 years ago I advised him by email and by phone to discontinue his lessons with Hamid Atiq, but he refused. I did this after asking some of the scholars about Hamid Atiq and they advised that we do not take from him. I also became very concerned about Hamid Atiq after the first lesson with him in which he mentioned that a ”Muslim female living in the West should stay married to a man who doesn’t pray, and that this is better than being single!”

After this, I advised the brother Tawheed to stop taking from this individual, but he continued and ignored my advice.

  • He knows that some of the scholars have spoken against Shadeed Muhammad, and Tahir Wyatt, but even with him knowing this, he was one of the people who eagerly publicized the appointment of Tahir as a teacher in the Prophet’s Masjid (صلى الله عليه و سلم).
  • In the past, he has spread some of the materials from and he is well aware that this website has been involved in major problems due to their attacks on their Salafi brothers.
  • Al Hujjah Pubs is also one of the supporters of Yahya al Hajoree and they happily spread articles in defense of him and his fitna. The owner of Al Hujjah pubs is well aware that Yahya al Hajoree speaks ill of Shaikh ‘Ubaid, so why would he use his name to promote his organization? It would be more befitting for him to use the name of Yahya al Hajoree seeing that he supports him and defends him.


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  • I also stopped cooperating with him 6 years ago after I noticed his unwillingness to accept advice related to his publications. It became apparent to me that he does not seek the advice of students of knowledge as it relates to translation of books, but greater than that, at times he adds inaccurate footnotes to some of his publications without conducting proper research and without consulting with students of knowledge. If I am not mistaken, in 2005 or 2006, I visited him in his home to discuss this issue. While he and I researched the issue, it became clear that he had added footnotes without thoroughly gathering information about the subject, and without seeking advice or help from any student of knowledge.

The above are just a few reasons why I stopped cooperating with Al Hujjah Pubs over 6 years ago.

As for his insults toward me in his response to my clarification:

“…his own ignorance”

“…where he did more harm than good by causing division between the community”

“…how deluded one can become with oneself”

Anyone who reads what has transpired can see that I did not insult him nor attack him. I simply informed that I do not cooperate with his organization for valid reasons. As for him, he clearly shows his unIslamic character and mannerism by insulting me throughout his reply. At any rate, I will not stoop to his level, nor will I respond with the same.

Alhamdulilah, he has made the issue clear in his reply by saying:

“…but we at AHP felt that we should help our brother Mustafa George by letting you know, YES! We are not in cooperation with him in our current activities.”

May Allah guide us to the best of deeds and statements.


Mustafa George DeBerry

Riyadh, K.S.A

19 of Rajab 1435 | May 18, 2014


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