Advice by Shaikh ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Rahim al Bukhari حفظه اللهRegarding Children Cartoons

Advice by Shaikh ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Rahim al Bukhari  حفظه اللهRegarding Children Cartoons


Question: You are aware of the dangers involved in accustoming children to (watching) animated films, along with what they contain of harm and immoral character. We request for your advice concerning this matter, may Allah bless you.


Answer: Similar to the previous question, why don’t parents fulfil their obligations?(Rather) they leave their child watching cartoons. What type of benefit will they gain in their religion or worldly life?! I say – the father or mother may feel there is some good present in some of them, but there is also tremendous harm in them or in most of them. In fact, there are matters which aren’t permissible such as music, and some of them contain unclothed women or nearly naked. (In addition), some of these cartoons teach aggression, killing, murder, beating…etc. Subhana Allah! They are they destroying their homes with their own hands! Why so much devotion to providing destruction for our children?!


And of course, some of the films are purchased; they aren’t free!


Why are they so diligent in destroying their children; their own flesh and blood?! Then once the child, who is raised watching this violence and fighting, grows up, he begins to abuse his father or mother or grandfather or grandmother, or other than them, (but) who is the cause?!


Verily from Allah we come, and to Allah we will return. This action is destruction and annihilation. We ask Allah for protection from this.


Some people provide these destructive (TV or movie) channels which destroy their children. They destroy their character, their manners – we seek refuge in Allah – (they destroy) their beliefs and their religion.


Indeed the people of the truth live in extreme strangeness. The person who reflects over the approaching of the Day of Judgment will find that the universal decree of Allah is taking place; everything that we witness, and others witness from wide spread evil. I shouldn’t say spread of evil and generalize it, rather, the presence of evil in various locations, and the presence of killing, oppression, turning away from Allah, this is all clear absolute indications of the nearness of the Day of Judgment. It is only the distance of two bow lengths, or even closer (referring to the closeness of the Last Day). If the verses were revealed to the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم


{The Hour has neared and the moon has split.} Surah al Qamr: 1


Allah has informed that the Hour is near and that it is approaching, but most people are unaware, and most people are headless and neglectful. Likewise, the Day will come as a complete surprise, as Allah has informed. When this occurs, regret will not avail, nor will these impermissible means of entertainment and poisoned rational. Nothing will avail anyone expect what a person has put forward of good deeds. Good deeds which you will want to witness (on the Final Day), as was mentioned by Salamah (may Allah be pleased with him and have mercy on him).


At any rate, I say: It is only hours and days that pass, and the wise person with sound intellect; the one who possesses understanding, will race to fulfil the truth; he will flee to Allah, and turn to Him.


Indeed there is neither change nor might except from Allah.


Source: The Rights of the Children Upon their Fathers and Mothers pg. 63-65


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