Some Fawaaid Obtained While Being in The Company of Sheikh Muhammad bin ‘Umar Bazmoul (حفظه الله تعالى)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Some Fawaaid Obtained While Being in The Company of Sheikh Muhammad bin ‘Umar Bazmoul (حفظه الله تعالى)


Rabe’a al Awal 28, 1435h | February 28, 2014

A little over a week ago, the Western Salafi community of Riyadh had the opportunity to sit with Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin ‘Umar Bazmoul حفظه الله. Indeed this was a wonderful experience because many of us had never met the Sheikh before, thus his visit was a great opportunity for us to sit with him and gain from his knowledge.

Note: These benefits that are mentioned below were not heard during the sitting because the Sheikh mentioned them while driving, and not in the public gathering with the brothers.

  1. We informed the Sheikh that we have been sitting with Sheikh Saleh al Luhaydan حفظه الله for 3 years now, and by the Grace of Allah, we have completed Kitab al Tawheed with English translation, and now we have started Al ‘Aqeedah al Wasitiyah. We also informed him that before beginning lessons with Sheikh Luhaydan حفظه الله, we previously studied several works with Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Rahman al Ghudayan. Upon hearing this the Sheikh commented:

This is a tremendous blessing that Allah has bestowed upon the Western community in Riyadh, and I advise you to continue and benefit from the senior scholars as much as you can.

He furthermore advised that after completing Al ‘Aqeedah al Wasitiyah, that we choose a book other than an ‘Aqeedah book to read to Sheikh Luhaydan. He said: You should try to benefit from the Sheikh in various fields along with ‘Aqeedah.

He commented: Sheikh Luhaydan حفظه الله is from the most senior Salafi scholars today! He is firm in Aqeedah and Salafiyah. His support and call to Salafiyah is clear and this brings joy to the heart of the Salafi.

  1. We noticed that Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Bazmoul حفظه الله had a very strong love for Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Rahman al Ghudayan رحمه الله. When we informed him that we sat with him for several years, he mentioned how knowledgeable the Sheikh was and how he too benefitted greatly from him during Sheikh  ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Rahman al Ghudayan’s  رحمه الله visits to Mecca every year.
  1. The following morning after Sheikh Muhammad’s bin ‘Umar Bazmoul حفظه الله lecture at the Mufti’s masjid, he asked me: What do you think about the number of attendees? I said: “Sheikh, it was more than it usually is”. He replied: “Is this normal in Riyadh”? I said: “For the Thursday lectures, yes. The attendance is always low”. Upon hearing this, he said:” This is normal for the lessons of Ahlu Sunnah”! Then he went on to say: “It is mentioned in the books of the Salaf that people used to hear about the lessons of ‘Atta bin Abee Rabah (رحمه الله) in Mecca and how knowledgeable he was. Once they arrived in Mecca, they searched for his lessons but they were surprised to find him sitting with only a few students! The Sheikh also said: I was informed that Sheikh ‘Abdul Azeez bin Baaz used to give lessons after Fajr in the masjid near his home in Riyadh. One morning after salaah, a person said to him: Oh Sheikh! There is no need to give a lesson this morning, only a few people have come for the lesson. Sheikh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez bin Baaz رحمه الله   replied: Then I will give the lesson”.[1]
  2. The Sheikh was asked a question about translating books into other languages without seeking permission from the original author. He replied: If profit is made, then the original author has the right to receive a portion of this profit, and thus his permission should be sought. However, if no profit is being made, then it is not mandatory to seek his permission to translate his works.
  3. The Sheikh was asked: What is the most correct opinion regarding the validity of Talaq al Bid’ee?

He replied: Some forms of Talaq al Bid’ee are valid, while others aren’t. From those which are valid:

  1. If a man divorces his wife 3 times in one gathering, only 1 talaq is valid, but his action is bid’aa.
  2. If a man divorces his wife between 2 menses, but he has had intercourse with her, this is bid’aa, but the divorce is valid.

An example of the type which is not valid is if a man divorces his wife during her menses, this is bid’aa and the divorce is void.

These were some of the benefits that we obtained while driving with the Sheikh, many more can be heard on the audio recording, including:

  1. Advice for firmness upon the straight path
  2. Advice for new students of knowledge
  3. The importance of sitting with the scholars
  4. The importance of seeking knowledge and not allowing old age to hinder one from seeking knowledge
  5. The reason why some individuals will be prevented from drinking from the Prophets  (صلى الله عليه و سلم) basin on the Day of Judgment

And others….

May Allah bless the Sheikh and grant him success in this life and the next, and may Allah allow us to continue to benefit from him.

وصلى الله وسلم و بارك على نبينا محمد و على آهله و صحبه و سلم

Mustafa George DeBerry

Riyadh, K.S.A

Jamaad al Awal 8, 1435h | March 9, 2014

[1] This is an important point and reminder because the Hizbees always look at numbers, whereas the Salafi seeks the face of Allah and is not concerned with numbers. He seeks to benefit the people even if only one person attends his lessons!

The Audio of this Blessed Gathering.

Question’s &Answer’s While Being in The Company of Sheikh Muhammad bin ‘Umar

Bazmoul (حفظه الله تعالى)

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