Importance Of Knowing the Names of The Scholars.

 From The Saying Of Imaam An Nawawee  Rahimahullaah

Imam an Nawawee said:

The 1st thing a student should start with is memorization of the Glorious Quran. It is the most important knowledge.

(Source: Al Mejmoo’ Sharh al Muhathib)

Imam an Nawawee mentioned in one of his books, while discussing the importance of knowing the names of the scholars of the Salaf, he said:

From the importance (of knowing their names): They are our leaders and our Salaf, and they are similar to our parents. (They teach us) what is most beneficial for our next life; which is our final abode. They are the most sincere to us (in teaching) us what will benefit (our religion and worldly life). Indeed it is hideous that we are ignorant of them, and that we neglect learning about them.

(Source: Tahtheeb al Asmaa wa Lugaat 1/69 the intro by Imam al Nawawee)

Mustafa George DeBerry

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,


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