How to soften a hard heart


If a person experiences hardness of his heart, what are some things which will soften this hardness?


There is nothing better, nor more sufficient than recitation of the Quran. This is what will soften one’s heart. Allah the Exalted and High said:

الذين آمنوا وتطمئن قلوبهم بذكر الله ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب

{Those who believe and their hearts find tranquility in the remembrance of Allah. Indeed in the remembrance of Allah the hearts will find tranquility.}

(Surah al Ra’d) (13:28)

Consequently, that which softens the heart is the Quran. It is that which if Allah revealed it upon a mountain; you would see the mountain crack and crumble due to fear of Allah. Other things which soften the heart are:

• Sitting with righteous individuals
• Listening to the recitation of the Quran
• Listening to lectures and reminders

These are things which will soften one’s heart.


Translated By Mustafa George DeBerry

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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