The Ruling On Reading From The Books Of A Person Who Has Gone Astray

The Ruling on Reading From the Books of a Person Who Has Gone Astray

Bismillah hir Rahman ir Raheem

Here is the Fatwa of Sheikh Muqbil concerning reading the older books of an individual who was once upon the correct minhaj, then went astray.

The Sheikh was asked in the book Tuhfatul Majeeb pg. 209

Question: Those whom were once upon the correct methodology, then deviated, is it permissible to listen to their audio recordings, or read their books that were authored before they went astray?

Answer: I do not advise a person to listen to their lectures or read from their books. I am very much impressed by the statement of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymmiyah: If Allah did not bring about Al Bukhari nor Muslim, Allah would still preserve His religion. Indeed Allah has preserved His religion. Allah said: {We have sent down the Book, and We will protect it} Therefore, I advise the people to abandon their books, audios and refrain from attending their lessons and lectures…

Translated by Mustafa George DeBerry


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