Questions & Answers With Scholars February 2008

Questions To The Scholars Feb 2008 Feb 11, ’08 3:43 PM
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Questions & Answers With Scholars February 2008

1. Some people while praying raise from rukoo while raising their hands similar to making du’a (supplication), is this correct?

Ans. This form of raising the hands during prayer is only permissible during supplication of kunoot. Other than this, it is not correct for one to raise his hands in this manner.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

2. If someone seeks charity for a specific cause, then once the charity reaches them, the cause is no longer present, is it permissible for that person to use the charity for another need?

Ans. This is permissible because charity can be given to a rich person or a poor person, so even if the cause for seeking the charity is no longer present, it is ok for the person to use it for another need. But this is not permissible with obligatory charity (Zakat), it must be used for the reason why it was sought.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

3. Are childrens books that contain fictional stories permissible?

Ans. If these stories carry correct moral meanings, then they are ok.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

4. Does the person that has Hijamah performed on him obliged to make a wudo?

Ans. Yes, the person must make a wudo (before praying).
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

5. What is your advice for many communities where people in the masjid raise their voices immediately after prayer instead of supplication and remembrance?

Ans. The masjid has rulings and etiquette’s. People should observe the correct etiquette’s of the masjid and not raise their voices, nor should they speak of worldly affairs inside the masjid.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

6. When is it permissible for a boy to accompany his mother on a journey as a mahram?

Ans. Once he reaches the age of puberty.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

7. If a person prays in a house that was bought on Riba, does this affect the person’s prayer or fasting?

Ans. No, the prayer and fasting in correct, and the sin falls on the person who purchased the home through such a means.

Sheikh Muhammed bin Hasan Ala Sheikh

8. A female complains of her husband communicating with females by way of internet, what is your advice for her?

Ans. She must remind of to fear Allah. She must remind him of the severe punishment for the one that does such and action, she should choose the best times to remind him. She shouldn’t come to him in a stern, mean way. She should be gentle and soft in her admonition. She should also try to pull him closer to her in love and affection.

Sheikh Muhammed bin Hasan Ala Sheikh

9. What is your advice for men who marry females with an agreement to delay payment of the mahar, then the men divorces the females without payment and then remarry without paying the previous females their mahars?

Ans. This is incorrect and oppression. Allah states in The Quran: {And give the females their mahars} This action of those men is forbidden and oppression. They have opposed the order of Allah by this action. Once they decide to divorce the females, then the time to pay the delayed mahar is expired and they must pay the mahar at the time of divorce. The Prophet -salAllahu alayhi wa salem said: “This is the right that relations (physical) become permissible with” It is likewise not permissible for men to keep the female in oppression with hopes that she will seek a separation (khula). The Prophet -salAllahu alayhi wa salem- said: Treat the women kindly. This action is not kind treatment of them. Allah stated: {And live with them in kindness}. This action is not kindness. Allah ordered him with kindness good, and instead the man treats her with harshness and cruelty.
Sheikh Muhammed bin Hasan Ala Sheikh

Note: Sheikh Muhammed bin Hasan continued to give a short advice for the Muslims of America. We will post this soon insha Allah

10. Is it permissible for a female to seek custody of her son (3 yrs) if the father lives in another city and does not spend on the child?

Ans. The custody of the child at this age is for the mother. This is the Islamic legislation, and if the female gets married, the custody goes to the mother of the female until the child turns 7.

Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

11. If a Muslim couple separates after having children, and the children stay in the custody of the mother, if the father makes hijra to the land of the Muslims, is he more deserving of the children being that he lives in the land of the Muslims?

Ans. Yes, the father becomes more deserving of the children due to them being raised in a Muslim land.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

12. If a person has continuous drips of urine and would like to make an Umra, how should they go about this?

Ans. They can simply wrap something around the private part and make a wudo, then continue to perform the Umra.
Sheikh Abdullah al Aqeel

13. Is it permissible for a man to delay payment of a debt, if he has the ability to repay it?

Ans. No, he must repay it.
Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan

14. Is it permissible for a Quran teacher to write or mark in the Quran of the student to indicate a place that the student needs to review a mistake?

Ans. No, it is not permissible to write anything in the Quran. The mark or writing should be made outside and not within the pages of the Quran.

Sheikh Abdul Azeez Ala Sheikh (Mufti), Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan

15. Is it permissible for a person to separate (dental operation) between the teeth if the teeth are joined, one on top of the other, and not for the purpose of beautification?

Ans. In this case, it is permissible.

Sheikh Abdul Azeez Ala Sheikh

16. The questioner said: I would like to make a statement, some people have begun to trim their beards and shave them below and above and the likes. You even have students of knowledge doing such an action, and when they are admonished they reply that there is a disagreement in the matter and some of the scholars do such an action. What advice would you give to these individuals?

Ans. It is upon a person to take the example of the Messenger -salAllahu alayhi wa salem- He ordered that a person grows his beard and does not cut it. This is the example that a person should follow, and the Prophet’s beard was long and he did not cut it. (summarized answer)

Sheikh Abdul Azeez Ala Sheikh

17. What is your opinion on perfumes that contain alcohol, specifically when praying?

Ans. There is no problem in using these perfumes.

Sheikh Abdul Azeez Ala Sheikh

18. Oh beloved Sheikh, I am a merchant and I place a lower price on my goods if a person pays in cash (up front), and a higher price if they pay in installments. Is this transaction permissible?

Ans. There is no problem in such and action.

Sheikh Abdul Azeez Ala Sheikh

Note: We apologize for the delay in answers. We will do our level best to post the responses from the scholars quicker in the future. Questions sent to: are still being answered from late 2007 till date.

Mustafa George
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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