Advice From Sheikh Rabe’a Concerning Minhaj

Advice From Sheikh Rabe’a Concerning Minhaj Jun 29, ’09 5:43 PM
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This past Friday, the 21st of Muharram, Shaykh Rabee’ ibn Haadee spent some precious time [two hours!] with his students, clarifying the correct manhaj in dealing with the one who errs, and other important affairs. The following points were discussed:

* Those who fall into error are upon many different levels and are to be dealt with accordingly. Important factors are taken into consideration like:

– the level of the mistake
– the origin of the mistaken one (is he from Ahlus-Sunnah originally)
– his position towards Ahlus-Sunnah who correct him (animosity or humility)
– his position/status among the people
– and others

* When we find Salafees who are reckless in their speech about those who err, we must correct them and not encourage this recklessness. He mentioned the mistake of those who believe that harshness is beneficial overall to the da’wah and that the best of the Salafees are the harshest of them. Rather, the shaykh asked, “If you see someone on fire, are you going to pour gasoline on them?”

* Advising our brothers to be patient, easy on the people, and not to jump to conclusions is not a kind of tamyee’. Rather, both tamyee’ and ghuluww must be avoided.

* The shaykh said that he recognizes that many of the Salafees do not know the manhaj and they are weak and have mistakes. This does not necessitate discarding them or warning against them in itself. A big problem that exists is that many of the Salafees do not know when to advise and when to warn against someone when they see mistakes. The first thing they do is warn and boycott without having proper knowledge. This is something harmful to the da’wah.

* The shaykh, may Allaah reward him and increase him in good health, recommended us to read Shaykh al-Islaam’s letter to the people of Bahrayn, which can be found in the Fataawaa [6/485-505]. He mentioned that many benefits can be taken from these few pages with regards to how we should deal with the mistakes of the people.

May Allaah help us all to actualize the advice of our mashaayikh, and grant us firmness.

I also convey glad tidings that our shaykh’s health is much better now, and he was very vigorous and active in this sitting. May Allaah preserve him and grant him long life.

[Unfortunately, the sitting was not recorded.]

Note: The origin of this post was written by Musa Richardson


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