The Mufti Abdul Azeez Ala Shaykh Saudi Arabia Stresses that Marriage is Not Mere Fulfillment of Desires

Mufti of Saudi Arabia Stresses that Marriage is Not Mere Fulfillment of Desires Jul 25, ’07 4:51 AM
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Respected Mufti and President of The Committee of Senior Scholars and The President of The Standing Committee for Islamic Research and Fatawa, Abdul Azeez Ala Sheikh stressed that marriage is not mere fulfillment of desires, rather its purpose is security, love and stability.

He mentioned:

Some Muslims posses a misconception regarding marriage, in opposition to its correct and actual purpose. Several people view marriage as mere fulfillment of desires, and they complete the Islamic contracts for doing so, but their intention is neither stability nor continuation, rather they wed with the hidden intention of divorce. Meaning, they wed for a specified amount of time, even if they don’t inform of this intended time period, but they marry for the purpose of fulfilling a desire and they don’t intend to comfort the female (through stability), instead they consider marriage mere pleasure that will lead to separation and replacement of the female. This individual is a husband that has the intention to divorce. This is what is present in his chest and he only desires the female to fulfill his desires. This action is considered deception, deceit, and dishonesty toward the female. If a man approaches one who performs this type of action and requests to marry his own daughter or sister, and he knows that this individual only wishes to enjoy her for a limited time, he would not allow this person to marry his daughter or sister. But you find the same individual doing this to other people’s daughters and sisters! He does what he likes! All of this is deception, dishonesty, lies and trickery. Due to this, Islam has forbid Mut’a marriage. This is the type of marriage that is agreed upon and confined to a specific number of days over a specified period of time. This form of marriage is impermissible because of the dangers involved in it.

The Mufti continued to say:

That which a person does not like for his own daughters and sisters, he should not like for the daughters and sisters of other Muslims. Some individuals travel to certain places solely for the purpose of finding marriages limited to a particular number of days or months. They view that this kind of marriage contract makes matters easy, and they fall into much evil in doing so. Some people marry several women, then divorce them and remarry others before the completion of the first’s waiting period, and by doing so, they marry within one month more than 10 women without showing any attention to Islamic contracts and procedures.

The Mufti continued:

It is incumbent upon a Muslim to have understanding and awareness. His goal should not be mere fulfillment of desires without abiding by Islamic rules and regulations. It is incumbent upon him to act in accordance with correct Islamic character and mannerism. He should treat the daughters and sisters of others, just as he would treat his own, and deal with others as he would deal with his own. If a person holds it permissible for himself to destroy the daughters of others and not to abide by Islamic legislation in their regard, but he does not desire this for his own daughters, then why would he himself do such and action?! Where is justice and fairness?!

Regretfully, there are some Muslims that make permissible what is forbidden by Allah. They marry several females in a (small amount) of days, doing so with the intention of divorce. They seek this enjoyment in the summer, winter or other than that. All of this is forbidden in Islam. Islam intends for us to be just in our contracts and dealings, and it intends for us to view the daughters of others as we view our own daughters and sisters, and that we are truthful in our dealings.

source: Madina Newspaper


Translator’s note: What is surprising these days, is that this action or evil intention is not only present in males, but has spread to females. These days, you find females marrying with the goal and intention of “trying him out”, removing the modesty and shyness that a female should possess. May Allah correct the men and females of this Ummah.

Mustafa George DeBerry

Ruwais, Untied Arab Emirates


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