Rejecting The Fatawaa of The Scholars!

Rejecting The Fatawaa of The Scholars! Jul 19, ’07 11:24 AM
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Question: Oh respected Sheikh, I mentioned to an individual a Fatwaa (religious verdict/ruling) by Sheikh Abdul Azeez bin Baaz –rahimahullah- and Sheikh Ahmed An Najmee regarding the impermissibility of using certain words or phrases. Upon hearing the Fatwaa, the individual rejected it and stated that these words are casual (used in conversation), and he continued to repeat them. Oh respected Sheikh, what is the ruling in this matter?

Answer: The ruling in this matter is that this person has rejected the truth. He rejected the truth and chose to follow his desires. (By doing so) He has places himself in a dangerous position and a serious warning becomes applicable to him. We ask Allah to guide him and return him to the truth.

Source: Official Website of Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan



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