Questions to the Scholars March – April – May 2007

Questions to the Scholars March – April – May 2007

Questions to the Scholars (continued: March – April – May 2007)

March 31, 2007

Is it permissible for a man who has a child from fornication before marriage, to take custody of his child, out of fear that the disbelieving mother will raise him/her as a believer?
Answer: No, due to the fact that the child does not belong to him, they are children of the bed and they belong to their mother.
(Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan)

Does a divorce or khula stand if it was given in a state of anger?
Answer: If the man lost his senses then it does not hold, but if he was aware of what he was doing then it stands.
(Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan)

Is it permissible for a female to seek a khula (separation) from her husband after completing her menses if she and her husband have had sexual intercourse, or is it similar to a talaq wherein they must wait for a new menstrual cycle and purification?
Answer: She should wait for a new menstrual cycle that sexual intercourse has not taken place in. There is a disagreement amongst the scholars in this matter, but that which is preferred is that she waits for purification without having intercourse, and then she seeks the khula.
(Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan)

A questioner asks: I live in a land far away from the scholars and students of knowledge, how do I seek knowledge with this being the case?

Answer: You should leave the land of the disbelievers and travel to the land of the Muslims where the scholars are present.

Questioner: And if he is not able?

Sheikh: If he is able then he should relocate, if he is not presently then in the future when he is able he should do so.
(Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan)

Can a person affect their best friend and the closest person to them with the evil eye?
Answer: Yes, this is possible
(Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan)

April 10, 2007

If a person delays prayer until the athan for the next prayer is called, upon entering the masjid, what should the person do?
Answer: If there is enough time, for example between the athan and the iqamah, the person should pray the prayer he delayed. But if there is not enough time, then he should pray the prayer that is being established during that time, and thereafter pray what he delayed in performing.
(Sheikh Saleh As Suhaymee)

The questioner states: I have a sister who is a lesbian, should I break ties with her?
Answer: You should not break ties with her. You should advise, direct and admonish her. It is possible that Allah guides her through you. But you should not mix with her, especially during her gatherings, ceremonies and the likes.

Questioner: If a father finds his son performing the same acts (gay), what should he do?

Sheikh: He should also continue to advise him and admonish him with kindness.

(Sheikh Saleh As Suhaymee)

A girl was named by her parents ‘Sanama’, can she keep this name being that it has a beautiful meaning in the Indian language?
Answer: No, she must change this name.

Note: Sanam means idol in the Arabic language
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Ghudayan)

May 12, 2007

Is there any supplication that a Muslim should never supplicate with?
Answer: This is a very general question that I can not answer. In general one should not make du’a for something bad, but this question is too general for me to answer.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel)

In those living in the west, is it incumbent upon us to know the religion of the people in the place that we eat or purchase meat from, or is it sufficient to know that we are in the land of the people of the book?
Answer: If you know that the people in the place that you are eating from are from the people of the book, then there is no problem in you eating meat from the, but if they are possibly not from the people of the book, then you can not eat from them. A person must be careful in this matter.
(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel)

A girl wishes to marry someone from the people of the Sunnah, but her father refuses to marry her to a man upon this methodology, instead he wishes her to marry someone that follows the Sufi teachings, what should she do.
Answer: The father should not reject someone who is good for his daughter. The Prophet –sallallahu alayhi wa salem- said: “If a person approaches you and you are pleased with his religion and character, then marry him or there will be fitnah and much evil spread through the earth”. If father should marry his daughter to who she wishes to marry, or he can place someone else responsible for getting her married.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel)

Can you give advise to a husband that always returns home from the masjid with stories about what is taking place in so and so’s home. The husband hears these stories from the Imam of the masjid, or the congregation.
Answer: The Prophet –sallallahu alayhi wa salem- said: “It is sufficient for a person to be a liar when they transmit everything they hear”. If the actions that are being performed are good actions that people can benefit from and be influenced with, then it is correct to inform of these actions. But if the actions being performed are bad, then they should not be spread.
(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel)

Note: Sheikh Saleh Al Fowzan gave a similar response

May 23, 2007

1. Is it permissible for a female to author a book mentioning the good aspects of polygny, if this female has not studied Islamic Education in a university or with the scholars?

Answer: This is something good that she would write such a book, but she should have it reviewed by the people of knowledge before distributing it.

(Sheikh Abdul Azeez Al Rajhi)

2. There is a phone job that has become comman in the west. The worker stays home and takes orders for goods by way of phone. The question is: many customers purchase goods by way of bank cards. The worker is not certain whether the person is purchasing the item on credit or directly from their bank account. Is this form of work permissible?

Answer: The worker must be certain the person is not purchasing using the impermissible form of credit. If the worker is not certain, it is not permissible for them to deal in such a transaction.

(Sheikh Abdul Azeez Al Rajhi)

We will post recent answers in July (insha Allah) due to traveling.


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