Questions to The Scholars March – April 2007

Questions to The Scholars March – April 2007

March 19, 2007

1- A female has a daughter from fornication before Islam, this female (mother) is now a Muslim and married. Who should be the wakeel for the daughter born before Islam if her father is not Muslim?

Answer: The mother would be her wali.

Questioner: And if she reaches the age of marriage, who should be her wakeel from the males?

Sheikh: The wali of her mother.

Questioner: Are you referring to the grandfather of the girl, meaning the father of the mother?

Sheikh: Yes.

Questioner: What if he is a non-Muslim?

Sheikh: It should then be the brother of the mother, or the son of the mother’s brother.

Questioner: It can not be the husband of the mother?

Sheikh: No, the husband of the mother should not be the wali for the girl. Rather, it should be someone from the mother’s male relatives.

Questioner: Does the wali have to be a Muslim?

Sheikh: No, if the girl is a Muslim, a non-Muslim should not be her wali. It should be a Muslim male believer well established in his Islam.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

2- I have read in the Quran many verses informing of not taking the non-Muslims as partners or protectors. In my country ( America ) the government assists poor families, are we (Muslims) allowed to take this assistance if we need to, and how do we understand these verses?

Answer: Assistance does not necessitate taking the kufaar as protectors. It is possible that the kufaar help a Muslim and they are not taken as protectors.

Questioner: So how do we understand those verses related to this subject?

Sheikh: You have other verses that inform of the permissibility, for example the statement of Allah: {Allah does not forbid you from being generous and just to those who have not fought you in your religion nor driven you from you homes. Verily Allah loves those who are just} surah Al Mumtahina:8.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

3- What is your advice for a husband who spends most of his time on the internet reading that which has no place in Islam. At times, he spends all night on the internet and orders his wife to stay up serving him. Is the wife sinful for not obeying him in this?

Answer: No, she does not fall into sin because she is only to obey him in what is correct, and his action is not correct.

Questioner: What advice would you give for the husband?

Sheikh: He should be advised and told to fear Allah.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

4- If a Muslim borrows something from another individual and destroys that object, he then promises to pay the price for what he destroyed. Is it permissible for the individual whose property was destroyed to hold some property from that person until he repays the cash?

Answer: If they agree upon that there is no problem in doing so.

Questioner: What is the person who destroyed the property refuses to give some of his property until he pays the cash?

Sheikh: They should agree on something reasonable.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

5- I know it is befitting for a Muslim female to remain in her home, and she should not leave her home except out of need. Is it permissible for a female to leave her home with her children to a park if her husband gives permission for this?

Answer: If there is nothing forbidden involved in her leaving the home such as, her dressing improperly or mixing with men, nor any harm caused, then there is no problem.

(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

April 4, 2007

1- What is the ruling on a man who stays out late with his friends playing chess, and if the time for prayer approaches, he and his companions continue to play and delay the prayer?

Answer: This individual has combined between two evils:
-Playing a game that he does not know the ruling on
-Delaying the prayer, and without a doubt, delaying the prayer is the worse of the two evils.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

2- A questioner mentions that they have read that Sheikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, if he wanted something, he would fall into prostration and supplicate to Allah. Is this action legislated?

Answer: Yes, this is legislated because of the hadeeth of The Messenger –salallahu alayhi wa salem- said: The closest that a person comes to his Lord is when he is in prostration. It is also mentioned that Imam Al Bukhari would not place a hadeeth in his book except after praying two units (raka’at) of prayer. Thus, this action is permissible and there is no problem in doing it.

(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

3- Is it permissible for a woman to threaten her son with migration (hajr) if he does not divorce his wife?

Answer: No, it is not permissible for her to interfere with the relationship of her son and his wife in such a manner. It is also not permissible for her to turn him against her, migrate from her, divorce her, or take away her rights. None of this is permissible for her to do, and if she does so, she is sinful.

Questioner: Can the mother of the boy forbid her son and his wife from having children until they complete their higher studies?

Answer: She can not interfere in these affairs.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

4- What is the ruling on electronic video games?

Answer: What are they?

Questioner: They are games played on a screen. They possess pictures, sounds, etc.

Sheikh: Pictures (of living things) are totally forbidden. The Messenger – salallahu alayhi wa salem- said: “May the curse of Allah be upon the pictures makers/takers”. They are not permissible.
(Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel)

(Back-dated question)

1- Is it permissible for a man that has more than one wife to designate one night for himself. On that night he does not sleep with either of his wives, instead, he stays in a separate room and studies and sleeps by himself. Is this sort of action permissible?

Answer: This is permissible. It is similar to a story that happened during the rulership of Umar bin Al Khattab –radiyAllahu anhu, a female approached him complaining that her husband spends a great portion of the night praying and doesn’t sleep with her. Umar bin Al Khattab called an individual by the name of Shurayh and told him to judge in the matter. Shurayh said: Verily Allah has allowed a man to marry 4 women. If this man were to do so, he would only see his wife every 4th day. If that is the case, then it is permissible for a man to do what this man is doing (paraphrasing the story).

The Sheikh commented: So based on this athar, it may be said that his action is persmissible.

Questioner: Is there a condition that he must not see either wife on his night?

Sheikh: What is important is that he does not sleep with either of them.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee/Dec. 27, 2006)

We will be sending out more Q & A for the month of March within a few days insha Allah.

May Allah give us tawfeeq to act upon what is pleasing to him.

Mustafa George
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates


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