Questions to the Scholars this week September 2006

Questions to the Scholars this week


Sept.7, 2006 / Shaban 14, 1427

1. If an argument takes place between a wife and her husband, and the wife says something displeasing to the husband, is it permissible for the husband to threaten the wife with divorce and in order for her to save the marriage, she has to pay the utility bills and buy her own food for one full month. Is this action allowed?

Answer: The expenses of the home are on the husband. His speech/action is incorrect.   

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)


2. If a man wants to hide his good deeds from people, is it allowed for him to lie when giving gifts or the likes to others?

Answer: No, when he gives something to a person, he just mentions that it is from a doer of good, and he is in fact that doer of good.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)


3. If a man wishes to divorce his wife during her pregnancy, is it allowed that he leaves her home until she gives birth, then returns and divorces her?

Answer: He can divorce her while she is pregnant. This is because Ahlus Sunnah mention that a divorce according to the Sunnah is two:

1) to divorce a women between two menses where no intercourse has taken place.

2)to divorce a women while she is pregnant.

It is also allowed for him to leave the home during her pregnancy.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

Sept. 10, 2006 / Shaban 17 1427


1. If a man has a daughter from fornication, what is permissible for him in relation to this girl?

Sheikh: The child from zina is not ascribed to him and there are no family ties between him and her, it is also not permissible for him to marry her, and it is not incumbent upon him to support her.

Questioner asks: Is it permissible for him to visit her, speak to her and be alone with her in private?

Sheikh: No, it is not permissible.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)

2. A man lives in an Islamic country, but travels abroad from time to time. During his travels, he leaves his wife in that Islamic country. While he is gone, it is witnessed from his wife disobedience to her husband. What should the one that witnesses this do? Should he inform the husband or what?

Sheikh: Are they all Muslims?

Questioner: Yes

Sheikh: Is she betraying her husband through adultery?

Questioner: No, but what takes place is that he says to her for example; don’t leave the house, but when he travels, people see her outside.

Sheikh: But her presence outside does not inform of an evil action. A woman must leave the house for her needs.

Questioner: For example he says to her; do not enter the house of so and so and when he travels, she is found or seen entering that house.

Sheikh: These types of affairs are difficult to implement in a strange, distant country ( the Sheikh then mentioned something unclear)

Questioner: So it is not for them to inform the husband?

Sheikh: Allah knows best, whoever covers the Muslim’s fault in this dunya (life), Allah will cover their faults in the hereafter.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)

3. There is an old American female that from time to time has severe arguments with her spouse which lead to hitting and harm from the husband. This female does not have Muslim relatives nor is she under a Muslim government. The question is, in the case of serious arguments and anger, is it permissible for her to leave the house without the permission of her spouse?

Sheikh: It is obligatory for a female to obey her husband and it is not permissible to leave the house except with his permission, except in case of an emergency where he is negligent toward her. If, for example, he seeks from her rights and obligations but he is negligent toward her, then it is permissible for her to leave the home in order to obtain food or things of great need. Therefore, she does not leave except if he is negligent toward her and does not fulfill obligations in her regard. As for becoming angry and leaving, it is not permissible except in an emergency case. Another example is her seeking things from him from outside and he does not bring those things, then it is possible that it is permissible in this case.

Questioner: I have explained to you that she is an old American female, so if for example, her husband beats her and she is forced to call the police who are kuffar, is this permissible for her?

Sheikh: Yes, without a doubt. If she is being harmed and she can find someone that will assist her by way of law, there is no problem in this.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)


Sept 20, 2006 / Shaban 27 1427

1. Is it permissible for a mother to let her child sleep on it’s stomach?

Sheikh: Yes, this is permissible.

Questioner: The female is asking because she knows that hadeeth that forbids an adult to sleep on it’s stomach.

Sheikh: At a young age, the child must sleep on its stomach, then it grows and crawls, then later it walks.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

2. A Muslim female has a son who she considers to be a trouble-maker, and his character is affecting her other children, what should she do? Keep in mind, that in America and the West, people have a habit of kicking their children out of their homes.

Sheikh: Throwing children out of the home?!

Questioner: Yes, this is something well known in America and England.

Sheikh: But where will she throw him to, where will he go?

Questioner: I don’t know Oh Shiekh.

Sheikh: This could never be possible (not permissible).

Questioner: So how should she treat him.

Sheikh: She should correct him when he does wrong, admonish him and stop him from doing wrong.

Questioner: So she should be patient with him?

Sheikh: Yes, she should. If she throws him out, it’s possible he is taken by (unclear word) and they do evil things with him, or they kill him.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

3. What is the ruling on migrating from the wife? The reason for the question is that a female saw her husband doing something forbidden, the husband then ruled that she was spying on him and now has migrated from her for 4 weeks. Is this permissible for him to do?

Sheikh: It is permissible for a man to migrate from his wife for a month, or two if there is a benefit derived from this.

Questioner: Is this done in the home, or outside of the home?

Sheikh: No, this is done in the home, and (only) if there is a benefit.

(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

4. There is a divorced female who has kids, the father does not spend on them and she must work in order to spend on her kids and herself. In the community she lives in, there are no schools on the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’a, all the schools are either of the people of innovation, like the Ikwan al Muslimeen, or the disbelievers (government schools). In this case, what should she do?

Sheikh: She should fear Allah to the best of her ability and she should do what she has the ability to do. She should closely watch her children. If they are taught by those that follow the ways of the Hizbees, those that follow the paths of so and so (in opposition to the correct methodology), then she should correct her children and clarify to them that the correct way is following the Quran and the Sunnah and the Sahabah and the Tabe’een and the People of Hadeeth.

Questioner: So she should put them in the schools of the people of innovation or the schools of the disbelievers?

Sheikh: The schools of the Ikhwan al Muslimeen are better than those of the kufaar. They should not be placed in the schools of the disbelievers.  

 (Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

Sept 23, 2006 / Shaban 30 1427


1. A family has a mentally disturbed son. His age is 20, but he has the character of a small boy. He does not understand anything of the religion nor of cleanliness. Is the pen lifted from this boy, and if this is the case, should the family force upon certain Islamic manners, the likes of growing a beard, or should this not be done because the pen is lifted from him?

Sheikh: If he understands what is said to him, if he is ordered to pray and ordered to cover his ‘awra (obligatory portion of the body to be covered) and he obeys, then he is not considered mentally disturbed, instead he is sane and there is no problem in them forcing these things upon him. They should fear Allah as much as they can and order him with what they are able. If he fulfills the order, then good, but if he does not, or is deficient in something, then they should not scold him.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)


2. Is is from the Sunnah to greet one another at the beginning of Ramadan?

Sheikh: Yes, the Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa salem) used to greet the his companions at the beginning of the month and ask Allah to bless (tabarak) them in it and he also encourage them to do same.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)



3. Is it permissible to buy a home in America through an Islamic company? The way this takes place is; the customer informs the company of the house he/she would like to purchase, the company then purchases the home and sells it back to the customer with a higher price. The individual then pays for the home in monthly installments. Is this permissible?

Sheikh: If the company that purchased the home now fully owns it, and sells it to the customer through a correct transaction, then this is permissible even if (the new price) is more than the original price of the home.

(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)

Sept 25, 2006


1. If a female is divorced has has possession of her children, is it permissible for the children to visit their father if he does not pray?

Sheikh: If he will not corrupt them nor is there fear that he will harm them, then it is permissible.

(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)


2. Are children’s films (cartoons, etc.) permissible if they do not contain music, but still have pictures (of living things).

Sheikh: Pictures (of living things) are forbidden for the adult and the child.

(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

Mustafa George,

Ruwais, United Arab Emirates




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