These Are Two More Questions Asked In July, 2006

These are two more questions asked in July, 2006

1. If a man divorces his wife and sends maintenance for his kids every month, is it permissible for the ex-wife to use a portion of these funds for her personal use if needed?
Answer: If her spending (a portion) of the funds does not cause a deficiency in the needs of the children and she spends the money for that which benefits her and her children according to what is good and correct, then there is no problem in this. He can even send money for them and money for her.
The Sheikh asks: Is she divorced?
Questioner: Yes, she is
Sheikh: Taking care of the children is not upon her (financially). If she were to say to him: I will not take care of your kids except that you pay me, she is allowed to do this.
Questioner: But the kids are no longer being breastfeed.
Sheikh: I understand, even if they are not being breastfeed. There is no problem in her using the money for what is correct and needed without being extreme, excessive and exceeding the limits. Also, there should be no deficiency in the amount needed by the children. She only takes for maintaining and tending to the needs of the children for example: cleaning their clothes, cooking their food and taking care of them. There is no problem in this inshAllah, as long as she is not excessive.
(Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez al Aqeel)
2. Is it permissible for a women to dance in front of her husband with the condition of there being no music nor singing?
Answer: As for it being haram or halal, there is nothing to show that it’s haram. As long as and with the condition that there is no music and she is not imitating the disbelieving women, then it’s permissible. But it is preferred for her to leave off this type of action, per chance her children would be affected by this sort of action.
(Sheikh Abdur Rahman al Adanee. Dammaj, Yemen) .
Mustafa George DeBerry.
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates


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