The Questions Today Were Asked To Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan Hafidullaah

Questions Asked to The Scholars This Week

The questions today were asked to Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan Hafidullaah
August 2, 2006 / Rajab 8, 1427
1. How do we respond to a person that says:
If ascribing oneself to salafiyah is correct because you are ascribing yourself to the early generation of Muslims, then the same goes for ascribing yourself to Jama’tul Tableegh because you are ascribing yourself to da’wah (Islamic Propagation) and Allah has ordered us to give da’wah in the Quran.
Sheikh: Jama’tul Tableegh are deviant. Their call is deviant. They don’t call to the correct Islam. They mix between what is correct and what is incorrect. This is deviation and incorrect.

2. What is the ruling on Muslim men wearing ties?
Sheikh: This is not permissible. This is imitation of those who wear the cross. It is not permissible.

3. Is the holding of a waleemah (marriage party) obligatory? If a person do not do so and has been married for 4 years, can he merely pay his wife some money to make up for not having the waleemah?
Sheikh: The waleemah is sunnah, it is not obligatory.

Aug 5, 2006 / Rajab 11, 1427

1. In America, if a disbeliever comes to a masjid and seeks funds, should we give them if we doubt them using this money for drugs or the likes?

Answer: Give him/her charity such as clothing or something permissible to eat, but don’t give him/her money if you have a strong doubt about them spending it on drugs or the likes.

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

2. Is it permissible for a man to buy children films for his child while knowing that these films have music and singing? The excuse that the father gives is that this is something educational for his child.

Answer: If there is present in these films that which causes harm to the children (in their religion), then this is not permissible.
The Messenger (sallahu alayhee wa sallam) said: “All of you are shepherds, and all will be asked about his flock”

(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

3. Is it allowed for a married couple to watch pornography films together for the purpose of learning how to sexually please one another?

Answer: This is not allowed. These are evil pictures. No this is not allowed.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

4. During buying and selling transactions, is it permissible for a man
to look at a woman’s face?

Answer: There is no need for him to look at her face. His desire is to buy or sell, not the woman’s face.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

August 7, 2006 / Rajab 13, 1427

1. If a child reaches the age of 5, and his father has still not slaughtered for him/her(al-Aqeeqah), is it legislated for him (the father) to slaughter at such an age?

Answer: Yes, he (the father) should slaughter even if it be after a long
period of time. Even if the father dies, it is still upon him and the money for it should be taken from his wealth left behind.
(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

2. What is the proof that Qunoot is in the hands of the Muslim rulers?

Answer: What is the role of the ruler?

Questioner: To administer the affairs of his country and people.

Answer: The answers that you are looking for can be found in Ibn
Taymiyyah’s book: As Siyasah Ash Share’yah (Legislated Politics)
(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

3. Is it allowed for the parent to beat his/her child? The reason for
the question is because we have heard that this is something not allowed.

Answer: You know that raising a child is a great responsibility. It is
upon the parent to use in raising his/her child means that bring the
children closer, not ways and means that push them further away.
(Sheikh Abdullah al Ghudayan Rahimahullaah)

Aug. 8, 2006 / Rajab 14, 1427

1. If a man intends to take on a second wife, does he have to tell his
first wife his intention?

Answer: He can tell her. There is nothing wrong in this.

Questioner: But is it obligatory for him to tell her before he does so?

Sheikh: He can tell her before, or after. Both are permissible, but he should tell her before so that she doesn’t become suspicious of his actions when he is away.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

2. If a man intends on marrying a second wife, but he has pending debts, is it obligatory for him to pay his debts before he gets married a second time?

Answer: This returns to the owner of the debt. If they allow the person to delay paying the debt until a later time so that they can get married, there is no problem with this.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

3. Is it permissible for the Muslims to supplicate for the victory of
Hezbullah over Israel?

Answer: It is permissible for the Muslims to supplicate against Israel
in general. We also supplicate that Allah supports Ahlus Sunnah against Israel and every other enemy.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

4. What is your opinion about Muhammed bin Saleh al Munajjid?

Answer: From what has come to me, he is close to the way of the Ikwan al Muslimeen.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee Rahimahullaah)

Mustafa George
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates


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