Questions Asked to The Scholars July 2006

Questions Asked to The Scholars

August 13, 2006/ 22 Rajab, 1427

1. If a women is divorced from her husband and they have a child (no longer breastfeeding) together, when the man sends the monthly support funds for the child, it is permissible for the mother to use this money for herself (rent, bills etc..)

Answer: No, she has to only use it for the child’s needs.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

2. If a man divorces his wife, during the waiting period if he has sexual intercourse with her but does not intend to take her back, is this considered that he has taken her back?

Answer: He must intend in order for it to be considered taking her back.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

3. Is it permissible for a women to dance in front of her husband
without musical instruments or singing?

Answer: No, it is not permissible.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

4. There is a custom amongst Western Muslim women, when a female is about to marry, Muslim women visit her a day or two before the marriage. They hold something similar to a party where they eat and prepare the female for marriage (henna etc.) Is this custom allowed in Islam?

Answer: There is no problem in this.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

August 16 2006

1. There is a doubt that some Muslim are spreading about supporting Hizbollah. The doubt is:

Why should the Muslim not be happy with Hizbollah fighting Israel, even if Hizbollah are Shee’ite, when we find in surah al Room that the believers (Sahabah) were happy when Rome defeated The Persians.What is your response to this doubt?

Answer: (I did not catch the first sentence)….He did this to assist The Zionists of the world.
The second point: The threat of Hizb u Ibless (the party of the devil) upon the Muslims is greater than that of the Jews and Christians! Really!! They are not on the correct religion. I do not consider them Muslims, instead they are disbelievers. But we have a relationship with
them just as the Messenger – sallahu alaihi was salem – did with the hypocrites in al Madinah.I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah, they are more dangerous upon the Ummah of Islam than the Jews and the Christians.
This is an American, Jewish, Shee’e plot to totally surround the Muslims. So now, Lebanon is similar to Iraq. Syria is supporting them from the North and The Batinee al Ulwee al Nusaree gives a lecture last night informing that Hizb u Ibless was victorious over Israel. I swear by Allah, they did not beat Israel. Lebanon was destroyed. The Lebanese people were destroyed along with the bridges of the country and he says such a statement! Do you understand?! I am not a fool, nor can a fool fool me, as was mentioned by Umar bin al Khattab.
If this was a merely a war between Rome and Persia, we would be happy with the victory of Rome over Persia (translator’s comment: Reason being, the Romans are Ahlul Kitaab, while the Persians, at that time, were idol worshippers). But the affair is greater than this. This is an American, Zionist plan to establish the Shee’at everywhere.
(Sheikh Saleh as Suhaiymee)

2. Can a Muslim female work in a company around males?

Sheikh: Is she dressed correctly?

Questioner: Yes

Answer: She can do so if there is a dire need.
(Sheikh Saleh as Suhaiymee)

3. The same question above concerning Hizb u Allah was posed to Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan later in the day. The Sheikh responded saying:

They were Christians (Rome), as for them, they are Idol worshippers (Wathaneyoon).

Questioner: You mean the Persians Oh Sheikh?

Sheikh: No, the Shee’at! Those who curse the sahabah are not Muslim.

4. If a women seeks a khulah from her husband and he agrees without
discussing the giving back of the mahr, is this valid?

Answer: That which is correct is that a sum of money is agreed upon. It can be greater than the mahr or less.

Questioner: But what if the money is not discussed?

Answer: If the money is not discussed then there is no khulah.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

5. If a person wants to travel to seek knowledge, is it obligatory for him to have the permission of his parents even if they are disbelievers?

Answer: If they need him, then it is obligatory for him to get their permission.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)

Aug.19, 2006 / 25 Rajab, 1427
1. If a man marries a female and is alone with her without entering her and then divorces her, what is the ruling in this regard?
Answer: She has to wait the full waiting period (‘idaa) and the dowry is hers to keep.
Questioner: Even if he did not enter her?
Sheikh: Yes, him being alone with her is enough, even if he didn’t enter her.
(Sheikh Saleh Fawzaan)
2. If someone enters a masjid and finds the first row full, what should he do?
Answer: He should wait for someone to join him in a second row.
Questioner: Even if he waits close to the end of prayer and no one joins him?
Sheikh: Then he prays by himself (in the back row) and he is excused in doing so.
(Sheikh Saleh Fawzaan)

Aug.20, 2006 / 25 Rajab, 1427
1. Oh our beloved Sheikh, I am seeking clarification on a question I asked you last week. The question was pertaining to a man having intercourse with his wife after divorcing her while she still is in the waiting (‘idaa) period. My question is, is it permissible for a man to do such a thing during this period without intending to take her back?
Answer: How can he have intercourse with her without intending to take her back?! As long as be has had intercourse with her, that means he has taken her back and she is his wife.
Questioner: So by him merely entering her, this is considered him taking her back?
Sheikh: Yes.
Questioner: Even if he doesn’t have an intention?
Sheikh: How can he not intend to take her back? She is his wife!
Questioner: Some people in the West have heard about it being permissible to have intercourse with the wife during the waiting period without intending to take her back. They have heard that this is the opinion of Ibn Hazm.
Sheikh: ….taking the female back takes place through actions and statements.
(Sheikh Saleh al Fawzaan)
(This is a clarification for a previously mentioned fatwa of the Sheikh. We ask all that have read the previous fatwa to spread this correction)

The above question was also asked to Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee the following day. He answered:
This is incorrect for him to do it this way, but him doing such and thing means that he has taken her back.
2. If a man divorces his wife and she thereafter remarries, the ex-husband then travels abroad with the children to live in another country and does not intend to return. If the wife wants to see her children, is it obligatory on the husband to pay for the plane tickets for his children to visit their mother in another country or is it sufficient for her to communicate with them by way of phone even if this be over a long period of time?
Answer: This is a dispute and it is not my responsibility to answer it. This affair should be taken to a judge. (Sheikh Saleh Fawzaan)
The same question was posed to Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee, he responded:
Sheikh: I can’t say it’s obligatory on him to pay for the plane tickets, but it’s fitting for him to do so if his country is far away from the country she is in.
Did she get remarried? (The Sheikh asks the questioner)
Questioner: Yes, she has. She is residing in Egypt and the father is in Yemen. Both are originally from America, the father migrated to Yemen and the mother migrated to Egypt and remarried there.
Sheikh: And she is originally from Egypt?
Questioner: No, she is from America and the ex-husband also
Sheikh: It is sufficient that they communicate (by phone) and if he has the ability to facilitate them visiting their mother at least once a year so that they can see their mother.
Questioner: Also, is it obligatory for him to leave the children there with the mother for a period of time if she requests this?
Sheikh: This is in the hands of the husband. If there is no harm in him doing so, then it’s ok. If there is no harm, he can leave them for a week for example with their mother, then he would take them once more.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee) .
3. In America there is a sister who has sought separation from her husband but they have not separated yet. The sister has acted as she is divorced and began sitting down with men with intentions to get married. What should her husband do in this case and what should the community that she lives in do. Should she be exposed in the community or what?
Answer: If the community knows that she is still married, they should inform the husband of what is taking place so that they (husband and wife) can go to a court and receive a separation.
Questioner: Should she be exposed in the community?
Sheikh: They (community) would inform the husband. This action without a doubt is a great mistake on the part of the wife. Placing herself in a position to marry and she is still married, this is a despicable act.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)

4. If a man enters the masjid and finds the first row full, what should he do? Is it permissible for him to pray next to the Imam or does he pray by himself if he does not expect someone to join him in the second row?
Answer: If he can pray next to the Imam he should, but if he can not he should try to fill in a gap between two people in the first row. If he can’t do that because the row is completely tight and he is forced to pray alone in the second row, he does this and there is nothing (sin) on him.
(Sheikh Ahmed an Najmee)
The above question about the female who is still married but is placing herself in a state to get married again was also asked to Sheikh Saleh Fawzaan, he replied:
Answer: He should complain of her actions to the authorities that she is still his wife.
Questioner: But this questions has come from America
Sheikh: He should inform that she is still his wife and he has not given her a divorce. As long as he has not divorced her, she is still his wife.
Questioner: Should the community expose this female?
Sheikh: He informs the authorities about her affair and she is returned to him and the affair is over.

Mustafa George DeBerry
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates

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