Questions Asked to Sheikh Saleh Al Fawzaan This Week

Questions Asked to Sheikh Saleh Al Fawzaan This Week

July 31, 2006 / Rajab 6, 1427
1. If a person migrates from the land of disbelief to the land of Islam but his first intention for migration was not sincerely for Allah, after reaching the land of Islam he corrects his intention for migration, is this sufficient?
Sheikh: Yes, this is correct and good that he changes his intention and that’s sufficient .
2. How does one pray salaat Al witr?
Sheikh: Salaat Al Witr is one raka’a. A person prays before it two units (raka’a) of prayer, they make tasleem, stand and pray one more unit.
3. What is the distance of travel where a female must have a mahram?
Sheikh: 80 kilometers .
4. How does a muslim deal with newpapers and magazines that have pictures. Do we read them in the day and then throw them out at night, or what?
Sheikh: They can stay in the home, but they should be placed in low places. They should not be keep in high respected areas. They should be keep in low, covered areas.

Mustafa George DeBerry.
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates


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