Questions To The Scholars One

Assalam u alaikum

Nov 25, 2006 12:46 AM

Today by the grace of Allah, I was able to contact Shaykh Saleh al Fowzan in Taif on the following number: 00966 2 733 2663. the Shaykh sits in the morning next to the phone for questions and answers. This will continue inshAllah until the end of the summer vacation.

Question: Is migration from the land of the kufar obligatory or are there some specifics in this issue?

Answer: Migration is obligatory on the individual that has the ability to do so.

Question: A person that migrates from America but leaves back debts, is it permissible for him to return to pay his debts and stay for more then three days?

Answer: Yes, he can return to pay his debts and stay for a week, a month, two months….

Question: There are females that prefer to return to the west for childbirth with the excuse that the west has better technology, is returning for this reason permissible?

Answer: All praise to Allah, medicine is everywhere now. We (Saudi) have good hospitals and medicine. There is no need to return to America.

May Allah preserve our scholars for verily they bring light and guidance to our affairs with the permission of Allah Aza wa Jel.

Mustafa George DeBerry
Ruwais, United Arab Emirates


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